Our Story...

Glenbrae Stud has been the passion of the Taylor family for over 35 years.

Emma and Andrew along with Mary are continuing the Glenbrae legacy of quality polled herefords and wiltshire sheep on their farm at Mangaorapa in the Hawkes Bay.

Emma has got Martins eye for cattle and is excited to be bringing the next generation of exceptional quality stock to their buyers.

Emma and Andrew have taken it in their stride taking over the reigns from Martin and Daniel.  But you can be assured that their goals remain the same - To breed cattle that pass on traits of growth, fertility, soundness and a calm temperament to their progeny".

Martin and Marty started Glenbrae stud over 35 years ago, and you can guarantee it will continue through the next generations as well. 

Meet the team

Mary Taylor

Mary is one of the founding members of Glenbrae Stud, along with her late husband Martin over 35 years ago.  Mary is a rock of knowledge and passion which shows through in all of the Glenbrae stock.

Mary loves her wiltshire breed "they are so easy to care for, which means I can't spend more time with the cattle".  

Mary is super proud that more than 90 percent of our cows rank in the top 10 per cent for maternal in the breed in New Zealand.

Talk to Mary about if Wiltshires are right for your farm... call her on 027 474 2707

Emma Martin

Emma was born into Glenbrae and has been apart of the stud since she could walk.  Emma's sharp eye for cattle which has come through from Martin her father means that the you know that there will only ever be quality stock for sale. "You can't beat quality". 

Emma's aim to take Glenbrae into the next era is showing through with  a mix of old and new traditions and traits, and mixing it with new ideas and blood lines to suit our changing and challenging climates shows the knowledge and ability that she has.

If you are looking for your next breeding bull, give Emma a call or check out the great range of bulls for sale on our site.  Call Emma on 027 492 2244

Andrew Martin

Andrew's hard work, eye for detail and fresh perspective has brought a fresh impetus to the stud.

Born and raised in the Hawkes Bay, Andrew understands the traits that the bulls need to withstand not only our weather patterns, but also the many climatic differences around New Zealand, Andrews aim is to make sure that Glenbrae Bulls are well adapted, low fuss and they are ready to get to work.

Give Andrew a call to discuss your bull requirements on 021 02707 255.

You can't beat quality...

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