About Wiltshires

A Wiltshire sheep are a large white faced sheep, originally from England, and bought to Australia in the late 1950’s, and then bought to New Zealand in the 1970’s. The most common trait of the Wiltshire sheep is that it sheds its fleece.
Primarily a meat breed, it is mainly used as a sire to produce meat lambs. The less wool a lamb or ewe produces the more energy it has to produce meat. This is a good trait when you look at those farmers wanting to produce a large lean lamb early

Benefits of Wiltshires

Why Wouldn't You?

Wiltshire Sheep are becoming better known in the farming industry, due to the many benefits that they produce:

Produce a large, lean heavy muscled carcase, more meat production than a normal ewe, more money in the bank
  • Bald head, belly and crutch – no fly strike due to this
  • Self shedding of their fleece – saving money on shearing, crutching and dagging
  • Easy Lambing - ideal for hogget mating
  • 190 – 210% lambing percentage
  • High resistance to facial eczema
  • Handle dry conditions well
  • High worm resistance

With all these advantages and many more, why wouldn’t you look into investing into Wiltshire sheep, not only do they save you money, and create you more money on the hook, but they are hardy and save you more time in labour costs meaning you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. 

All our Rams are selected from twin bearing ewes and must be 100% shed at weaning with considerable emphasis on thickness, muscelling and structure.
All replacement ewe lambs must be 100% shed by weaning and be structurally correct, grown no more than 25 - 30mm of wool before shedding and go to the ram as a hogget.

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